Coastal Chemical GCA Expo Booth 201A

Gas Compressor Association (GCA) Expo and Conference

The Gas Compressor Association is the premier trade association for companies in the expanding upstream Natural Gas Compression manufacturing, packaging, and rental industry.  Coastal Chemical is excited to attend the 26th Annual GCA Expo and Conference.  

Coastal Chemical offers complete service programs including our Total Fluids Management which allows us to decrease costs by monitoring engine and compressor condition, extending oil drain intervals, and maintaining consistent oil supplies.  This is accomplished through oil sampling, boroscoping, predictive maintenance training, scheduled oil deliveries, and coolant program featuring our CoastalGuard coolant.  This program is ideally suited for the Gas Compression Industry.  Come by and visit the Coastal team in booth 201-A. 

Moody Gardens Hotel
Galveston, TX
August 17-20, 2021