Computer Simulations

Coastal represents the top chemical producers in the world and provides the most extensive product offering available.  Our expert technical staff are the most experienced in the industry, and we are always available to provide customers with value-added services that will increase their operational efficiencies and improve their overall profitability. One of the services Coastal technical services provides is computer simulations.


Our technical service engineers combine plant/field data with industry best practices to simulate a wide array of processes using Bryan Reseach & Engineering’s Promax, a versatile process simulation software package. Promax provides a complete package for a variety of acid gas removal systems, such as Coastal’s AGR II solvent, generic ethanolamines (MEA, DEA, and MDEA), and specialty formulated amines. It is also used to model dehydration with TEG and hydrate inhibition with methanol and EG. Modeling amine and glycol units can provide relative design data, such as proper circulation rate, reboiler duty required, and expected loadings. For existing units, the technical service engineers can work exclusively with plant personnel to model the plant with current operating conditions and provide unique troubleshooting capabilities. 


Computer simulations enable our technical team to create, monitor, and manage chemical injections programs; simulate pipelines to estimate critical parameters like pressure drop and temperature changes across various fields and/or geographic regions; calculate air emissions, VOC emissions, and BTEX calculations. Another aspect of our computer simulations is designing and recommending adsorbent products, such as sieve, aluminas, and silica gels. Our simulation packages can provide important process data such as stream physical properties, hydrate curves, phase envelopes, and fluidization calculations. Additionally, technical service engineers work in conjunction with our suppliers who have their own proprietary simulation packages.


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