Coastal Chemical Supports Outlaws AAU Basketball

Coastal Chemical Announces Support for the Texas Outlaws AAU Team 

Here at Coastal Chemical, we believe in giving back to our community and supporting youth development programs. That’s why we are proud to sponsor four individuals for Texas Outlaw’s AAU Team, coached by Brian Skinner. We recognize that sports have a powerful impact on a child’s physical and emotional development, and we here at Coastal Chemical are excited to play a small role in helping motivate these young athletes in reaching their goals.

Sports help players build confidence, develop a sense of teamwork, and learn true sportsmanship. Research shows that people engage in sports for different reasons. Whatever the reason, figuring out the motivators at an early stage will help one find the basis on which they can carry out their inspirations and dreams.

The Texas Outlaw’s organization was designed to help boys and girls from the ages of 5-18 to potentially become lifelong athletes, to shape and help them grow into the best individuals and provide an outlet for children to express themselves without fear of judgement or failure. The team provides a safe environment for players to learn proper techniques, build their self-confidence and leadership skills, embrace teamwork and establish a foundation for success both on and off the court. 

The Outlaws understand that basketball isn’t just about winning games – it’s about developing character and teaching kids how to succeed in life. These young men and women in the future will eventually be the pillars of our great country. This type of atmosphere encourages young people to grow not just as athletes but as individuals too.

At Coastal Chemical, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back to their communities. We understand how impactful sports are in developing the character of our youth and that by investing in our youth today, they will be able to make positive changes tomorrow. That’s why we are proud to sponsor four individuals for this amazing opportunity to play with The Outlaws AAU team. We look forward to seeing what these four young athletes achieve this season with Brian Skinner at the helm!

About Coastal Chemical: 

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About the Texas Outlaws: 

The Texas Outlaws’ believe in the power of basketball positively impacting young people and supporting their physical and personal development. Beyond establishing a foundation for proper basketball techniques, their focus is designed to help self-confidence, embrace teamwork, develop sportsmanship, and learn the importance of physical activity; all while being competitive and having fun! They are dedicated to the principle that success is not given, but earned through hard work, dedication, and focus. They want to use the game of basketball as an instrument to teach life skills to youth who could be interested in using basketball as an instrument to earn a college degree. Basketball will end for all players at some point; however, the things you can learn from basketball can also make you a winner on and off the court in life!  For more information, visit: