The Sulfur Recovery Unit or Claus unit converts undesirable, toxic H2S gas into beneficial elemental sulfur. This process utilizes different types of Claus catalyst to facilitate the conversion.


Purification catalyst removes contaminants from liquid and gas processes using catalytic, regenerative, or sacrificial means. The catalyst is typically a mixed metal oxide formulated to remove specific contaminants. The catalyst can be in tabular or extrudate, or sphere shape.


Puristar R9-12/E-315- removes Os, CO, H2, etc Puristar Catalyst R3-12-removes arsine, phosphine, COS, H2S, etc
Puristar Catalyst R3-15-removes O2, CO, H2, etc Puristar Catalyst R3-16-removes O2, CO, H2, sulfur, etc
ProSorb-removes aresine, phosphine, sulfurs, O2, CO, CO2, H2 PuriStar R3-17-removes CO
Puristar R3-81 -removes O2, NOx, etc Puristar R8-21 – removes O2, NOx, etc
Puristar R3-11/R3-11G -Removes O2, CO, H2 HTZ-51 – removes sulfur compounds
HTZ-31 – removes sulfur compounds SC-501 – removes H2S and other sulfurous compounds
ST-201 – removes sulfur compounds


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