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Gas Plant, Refinery, and Petrochemical Products

Coastal Chemical supplies specialty chemicals to gas processing facilities, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and other associated operating entities in the oil and gas sector. We represent the top chemical producers in the world and provide the most extensive product offering available.   Our expert technical staff are the most experienced in the industry, and we are always available to provide customers with value-added services that will increase their operational efficiencies and improve their overall profitability.

Acid Gas Treating

Coastal Chemical can provide generic amines, specialty amines, and solvents for a wide range of gas treating applications, including Hydrogen sulfide removal, selective removal of Hydrogen sulfide, complete Carbon dioxide removal, and total sulfur removal.

Desiccants, Adsorbents, and Catalysts

The most comprehensive package of products available in the industry allows Coastal to provide solutions to many of today's demanding adsorbent catalyst applications. Using computer simulation programs, our staff can size, design, and rate catalyst adsorbent systems that use activated carbon and alumina, molecular sieve (or mole sieve), and silica gel to remove a wide variety of contaminants. We also have tail gas and claus catalyst for sulfur units, and purification catalyst to remove chlorides, fluorides, mercury, mercaptains, arsine, and sulphur compounds.

Gas Dehydration and Hydrate Inhibition

Glycols and methanol are the most commonly used chemicals to meet water content specifications and prevent hydrate formation, and Coastal Chemcial has developed many techniques for dehydrating natural gas and liquids (NGL's).

Specialty Products

Coastal Chemical has a full line of heat transfer fluids (triethylene glycol, synthetic hydrocarbon, Hitec® salt) that can operate up to temperatures of 1,000°F. We can provide cation, anion, mixed ion exchange resins, and packaged units that will remove heat stable salts from amine systems online. We can also design a BTEX removal unit for those customers with high BTEX emissions.

Product Line

  • Aluminas
  • Antifoams
  • Carbons
  • Catalysts
  • Coolants
  • GASSPEC™ Products
  • Glycols
  • Guard Beds
  • Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF)
  • Heat Transfer Salts
  • Ion Exchange Resins
  • Molecular Sieves
  • Desiccants
  • Selective Adsorbents
  • Support Media
  • Tower Packing

Value-Added Services

  • Analytical Laboratory Services
  • Computer Simulations and Evaluations for amine systems, glycol units, sulfur removal units, heat transfer fluids
  • Research/Product Development
  • Start-Up Assistance
  • Carbon Vessel Rental
  • Filter Vessel Rental
  • Turnkey Project Mgmt.
  • Waste Removal Management Services For plant turnarounds

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