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Pipeline Integrity Services

Pipeline Integrity Services

When your pipeline integrity is at risk, you want to know that you have the best integrity management program in place. N-SPEC pipeline integrity services offers cleaning before In-Line-Inspection runs to insure tool data is accurate and not affected by debris. A clean pipeline not only improves ILI data but helps mitigate internal corrosion attributed to under deposit corrosion and MIC (microbiological influenced corrosion).

N-SPEC Pipeline Services also performs pipeline hydrostatic testing another valuable tool to validate pipeline integrity. N-SPEC's pipeline pressure testing is geared toward the integrity program of the customer and all reports are PE Certified and provided to you in hard and digital copies.


For USA / Canada, please email to: egreenwood@brenntag.com
For Europe, please email to: peter.verkiel@brenntag.nl
For Mexico / South America, please email to: facosta@brenntagla.com

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