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When we think of our business, we need to ask ourselves two questions: How can we help our business partners to succeed – today and in the future? What is the benefit for our partners working with us? Our slogan ConnectingChemistry is the ultimate answer to both of these questions.

Brenntag strives to be the industry’s preferred channel partner. To that end, our industry and customer-focused approach to chemical distribution builds on connecting customers and suppliers in a winning partnership. Always being committed to our partners’ success, we serve as their extension, sharing our intelligence on markets, industries and applications. We support them in reacting flexibly to ever-changing market conditions and help them focus on their core business by managing their complexity. We are the only chemical distributor, which complements a broad global network with outstanding local execution. Brenntag is there for its partners – anytime, anywhere.

Brenntag is truly a “people’s business”. Everything we achieve as a business is accomplished with and through our employees. They are the connection between our business partners. They connect people and build relationships. All in all, they connect chemistry on all levels.

We demonstrate that the distribution of chemicals and ingredients is not just a business for us. It is an attitude. And our passion to be the best partner connecting you as our customers and suppliers in local markets worldwide.

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